I-CARE (Public)

I-CARE (Public)
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Ingredients for Success 

Student Responsibility for Success

  • Communication Creates Success!
  • Academic Success is Yours!
  • Grow in Self-Responsibility!
  • Engagement Builds Community!
  • Take Charge!

Take Charge of Your College Success

Welcome! As members of the Alamo Colleges learning community, we all share the responsibility to create an atmosphere where knowledge, integrity, truth, and academic honesty are valued and expected.

In this relationship, the Alamo Colleges provides institutional policies, procedures, and opportunities to facilitate student learning that encourage interaction, involvement and responsible participation. Your responsibility as a student is to CARE about your education.

I CARE highlights the Student Success for Responsibility Policy, specifically, four areas to ensure your academic success at the Alamo Colleges and our five institutions.

F.6.2 (Policy) Student Responsibility for Success


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