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Notification Preferences in Canvas

Canvas can reach out to you in a variety of ways about updates to your online course.  In Canvas, you can choose "how" and "how often" you want to be notified of updates in your course. These updates can be a new message, an announcement, a grade is posted, changes to the content and much, much more.  

  1. First, select how you want to be notified.  You can select how or what method you will use to be notified.  You can leave it to your default email or you can also choose, a personal email, cell phone text message, facebook, twitter as examples.
  2. Then select how often, immediately, daily, weekly, etc. 

For example, announcements in the course are very important. Your instructor will use these to send reminders, updates or changes to the course. For announcements, you might consider Canvas notifying you right away, as a text message to your cell phone. This way you receive the information without having to login to your course. 

Learn more about updating your Notification Preferences in Canvas.